On To The Next One

Over the past several weeks, I have been winding down my responsibilities at Onswipe.  Starting tomorrow, I will be joining the team at Taykey, a trend buying platform for advertisers.


Making the decision to leave Onswipe was one of the most difficult choices I’ve ever made.  Above all else, I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity given to me by Jason and Andres to work alongside them on the early stages of the building Onswipe into a great company.  While I was at Onswipe, our organization grow from 4 people to 16 in just 7 months.  We went from a $1 Million seed financing to a $5 Million “Series Awesome”, and established partnerships with a series of amazing brands and publishers:  Hearst, Washington Post Group, Ziff Davis, Thomson Reuters, as well as Sprint and American Express.


I am also incredibly thankful for the amazing team I was able to work with and learn from every day. People often compare the early stages of a startup to “going to war”.  After months of long hours, hard work, and the emotional roller coaster inherent in any early stage business-  I can truly say that every person I had the privilege to work with is now a close friend.


As compared to Onswipe, Taykey represents a very different (and very compelling) challenge.  While my work at Onswipe consisted of laying the foundation for a growing company, Taykey is now confronting the challenges inherent in scaling around a repeatable and robust business model.  Although my nominal “department” (Operations) will be the same, my role at Taykey can simply be described as this:  identifying and solving problems that are preventing the company from growing at peak efficiency.


As the transition becomes “official” tomorrow with my first day at Taykey, I am very grateful to everyone who has helped me through this process.  Many thanks to the entire Onswipe team, who have been very understanding of my decision.  To my friends and mentors who guided me through the decision making process, thank you.  Most importantly, thank you to Amit Avner and the Taykey team for this opportunity-  I look forward to contributing as Taykey continues to grow and thrive.